Food Drive

Monthly Food Drive:

Alhumdulillah, most of us are blessed with 3 square meals but there are many who live right here in Metro Atlanta area who do not have enough for a single meal. It is our duty to help and support these families.

We believe this should be a continuous effort rather than once/twice a year and hence this is a monthly effort, typically First Sunday of every month.

Below is the typical list of items per family that are delivered:
  • Rice 10lbs
  • Oil - 1 Gallon
  • Sugar - 2lbs.
  • Salt - 1box.
  • Pasta - 4lbs.
  • Flour - 10lbs.
  • Cereal - 1box.

You may donate funds(cash or check) in the masjid donation box or you may donate it online and masjid will take care of ordering the food items and distribution. Please add a Note: Food Drive when donating online or writing a check to the masjid.


You can drop of the Items listed at the masjid, the Friday before the event date. We also encourage you to participate personally and bring your children to help with transporting and distributing the food items. We hope that you will participate in this effort !